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This week has been a whirlwind. This morning I was on 95.7 The Rock, and had a great time doing readings on the air.
Tonight I’ll be on WKBT channel 8 news regarding my readings and psychic abilities. I’m feeling better than ever, my business is going great (in spite of the DVR who was supposed to help me),
and am taking a writing class. Matthew and I are doing great; My kitchen is coming along great, the woodwork being installed is amazing. I have had the least stress in my life at this point. We refinanced the house, paid off some bills, got the kitchen stuff done and are doing great. We actually had a Christmas this year!
The doctor appointments are coming along slowly, but no news is okay news. I’m having lots of twitching especially in my left side, and had a partial side seizure on my left side. The overall pain and breakthrough pain has become worse, but that’s because I’m so mobile lately! That’s great news!
Getting out and about is just so great, and I enjoy not feeling so drained all the time. Maybe it’s the vitamins I’ve been taking.

I know I lucked out with medicare part D, my meds are all being covered
without a hassle, and that’s so great as well. So many people are having a hard time!

Nessa is getting so big, she’s walking all the time now, and got 6 teeth, drinking only out of a sippy cup now, and loves the ballerina bear her Nascha sent her.
Matthew has learned to make baklava, and Nascha loves that.

I’ll b working on getting some auio and video from the interviews today online so they can bee seen and heard by you, and I’ll be getting more glitter pics online as well. There’s always more!

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