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Spreading the Word

Today, the one day of the year I get up WAYYYY to early.  I do a lecture series at the local high school on what it’s like to be psychic. 

This sounds like a really organized thing, but it came about in an unorthodox manner.  My daughter was in the psychology class at the high school, and one week they had a unit on ESP and things like that.  She told the teacher that he should have me in for “show and tell”, being that I was a real working psychic.  He thought that was a cool idea, and asked me to come in to talk to the class.  I figured I would talk for about 20 minutes and that would be that.  I got there, and he introduced me and turned the class over to me for the whole hour!!  I had no idea what to do, I panicked for a bit, and then started talking.   For the whole hour I searched abour things to talk about; things that had been natural to me my whole life, without any form of order.  It was horrible.  I finally just opened it up to questions to take the pressure off of me.  I had to go through this 4 times that day!

Then, that night was even worse, I was waiting for parents to come down the street with pitchforks and torches (picture your favorite Frankenstein movie scene here.)  It was a loooooong night.  I think I even ended up sleeping on the couch!  But nothing- not even a phone call asking ‘what are you telling my baby?’.  So, everything worked out afterall.

Eight years later I have organized myself and have a pretty well thought out talk that takes up half the time; all about my past, what work I do, some of my experiences (including a ghostbusting with the teacher’s daughter), and then I have students ask questions.  That usually fills the hour.

First hour is the worst since the kids are only half awake (as am I) so it’s a pretty slow go.  By the end of the day there are kids bringing friends in from other classes and student teachers coming in, and the class is pretty full, which is nice.

TODAY—  After the two morning classes back and forth I had some lunch and was watching a movie, set the timer on my phone.  The next thing I know my husband was talking to me, and apparently I was talking to him but I don’t remember what I was saying; I just remember looking past him and seeing the clock say 3:18….  I was supposed to be at the school for the last lecture of the day at 2:30!!  I was so upset- I never missed a class before.  Turns out I had my phone on vibrate so if it rang it wouldn’t disrupt the class; seems that doesn’t work with an alarm!!!

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