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I’ve been off.

I’ve been a little off lately.  I seem to have lost my link, and I feel as if I have lost a body part.  I had an appointment for tomorrow and had to cancel it because I just don’t know if I could do it.  I had a massage today and during the massage I had the most amazing craving for my favorite TV dinner, an ethnic Chicken Masala dinner that is so amazing (and expensive) that our co-op carries.  I stopped at the co-op for a few other things, and dropped by the area to check and see if they had them in stock, figuring I would treat myself to them anyway.  They were on sale, almost half off!  I cleaned them out.  We had them for dinner, and I’m considering having another one… lol.  To celebrate my radar coming back to life.  I had an experience yesterday where my daughter emailed me after a period of not speaking for quite a while, and I was so elated I cried all night and still haven’t figured out how to handle it so I can get my crap together enough to grovel to her for forgiveness, and so thankful that she wrote me AND included Halloween pictures of my granddaughter in costume that she made (she is an amazing mother).  I’m overwhelmed, and it may have broken my block.  Let’s hope..

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