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Carmichael Picture

Carmichael Picture

This is a picture that was taken by a friend of my father. He was just out taken some property photos; this was one of the ohotos in the middle. He brought it to my father to check out since he is a very advanced hobby photographer.

My father looked at the negatives, the papers, all the ways that something could have been done to the picture, and couldn’t find anyting out of the ordinary.

He brought the pic to me one day, and I though it was fascinating; The person, the seemingly open hole in the earth with the orbs flying out (or in), and what was with the cake in the background?

One day we went up to the property to see hat I could get from the area. The impressions I got were simple but strong; there was a man who had lived there and was ther most of his life his way. It seemed he was rather slow mentally, and lived with part of his family in that area. I saw him walking the road as he frequently did carrying a bucket. He was hit by some type if vehicle not sure what type. I knew he was very attached to family, and still came around on holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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About two weeks ago I got the feeling that my daughter in Phoenix (Kelly) was pregnant again.  it was bugging me, and it was so strong every day it was distracting.  I tried to blow it off as just wishful thinking, but it wsn’t going away.  finally I thought about calling her and asking her to see if she was, but I knew that would suck to have someone ask you to check if you were pregnant… kind of ruin the suprise, eh??   So I just put up with it.  Two days ago she finally called with the news!!  I just laughed really hard and said FINALLY!!!  She was a bit confused but laughed, cause she knows me, and when I explained she said yea, she would have been very pissed if I had called and asked her to check.

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Psychic Reading 7-22-08

I had 2 readings yesterday.  When they came in there was an energy that was a bit overpowering and I had a hard time getting words out (that happens when I am in reader mode.)  The words come out easier once I get into the flow of the reading.

I was doing the first reading and it was going extremely well.  I do a card reading first with picture cards (the voyager deck) to make a quick connection with the person.  So we were doing the reading, and I had to interrupt the person to ask who Michael was.  She just looked at me and said it was the other person’s son.  I realized that was the strong energy that was in the room with us when we were all toghether.  Then I was able to go back to the reading, it was just distracting!  It still amazes me when those things happen, and I know I need those things to verify to me that what I have is real.  I think it’s funny that I am such a skeptic about what I do, but what I believe is that it keeps me in check. 

People that get too full of themselves like Sylvia Brown tend to lose their ability to do actual work because they are so busy selling themselves they start forgetting how to be helpful.  Don’t take me wrong, I’m sure Sylvia is still helpful to the people that have faith in her; I just was on the same information level she was on in the beginning, and she started moving off into all sorts of directions taking people on journeys to places that may be nice to read about, but then still thinks she can just turn the info on to everyone 100%.  No one is 100%.

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