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My daughter is out of town right now, and I am missing her somthing awful.  She’s 2000 miles away, and been gone for two weeks.  She has been living with me (along with her boyfriend and crazy cat) and it’s been nice having them here.

I was sitting here at 1 a.m. trying to figure out what to do, I can’t get tired since I get antsy at night, and all of a sudden I smelled her, as if she just came into the room and hugged me it was so close.  She has a wonderful smell like patchouli and baby powder; she wears a special oil blend that I use in my lotions and perfumes, and her body never stopped producing that wonderful baby smell when she was growing up…  It’s really cool, you know that smell, that one that makes women say “awww… I want another one!!!”  It usually stops when they turn about 3…  but hers never stopped.  It’s located right in front of her ears; I explained it to her boyfriend one day, and we stood in the kitchen sniffing her… it was hilarious, because she just stood there while we did that for a minute and then just said ‘hey!’ when she realized how freaky the whole scene was.  But we found it, and he thought it was cute, and she blushed, so it was great.

Anyway. I smelled her, so I text messaged her and just said ‘I smell u.”   She would know what I meant.  Then she replied “I just opened my bag and smelled your perfume!”  (I had given her a small bottle of perfume that I wear).  So we smelled each other at the same time. 

We are very linked like that, even with pain, cravings, all sorts of things.  Sometimes she will come to me and say “I want pizza– is that me or you?”  lol… 

We have shared dreams too, which can be extremely interesting. 

I have this kind of with my husband, and my middle daughter, and my sister.  But nothing as strong as my youngest.  It’s quite an experience.

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