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Has anyone seen a new show called “The Suburban Psychic”? I saw a clip of it appropriately on an episode of “The Soup”, lol.
She was in a beauty salon, and started talking to the woman getting styled next to her and the stylist, asking if either of them knew of anyone killed in a car accident, a male, related as a brother-in-law. The poor girl in the chair sheepishly said “yes….” and the psychic proceeded to go into detail about the mans family, and then into detail about a pregnancy, talking about a ‘bun in the oven’, and then pulled back saying ‘oh, there was a miscarriage wasn’t there.’
The poor girl just trying to get a nice afternoon getting her hair colored and cut and chat with her stylist.
First of all, how insensitive to corner someone out of nowhere to plug yourself on your own tv show even though you are getting information. I get information every day but keep it to myself unless someone asks, because IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS IF NO ONE ASKS!!!
I was really pissed off!
I know the British medium Lisa does it as well, but just on the street, and she is very well known and asks people straight out without telling them anything, and respects them if they say no, which they often do, and she is so sweet about it. Very different.
It was just appalling.
I’ve learned over the years if someone needs to know something they will find me. I don’t advertise except having my web page because I feel my gift is not what I do for a living, my other pursuits are what I have a passion for.
The psychic work can be very stressful and take so much out of me, and it’s such a private personal experience; it’s not something I can handle doing every day.
I was just so upset by that show this morning I had to post it.
Have a wonderful and productive day!

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