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I know as a new age person I should keep up with all this information, but I just don’t.  I don’t follow astrology, astronomy, new age updates, etc. 

S0– Friday I started feeling really bad.  Headache, crabby, just yuk.  I wasn’t really tired but I kept passing out all evening; I was cooking for my neighbor and had my door unlocked for her, and I was woke up by her shaking my leg to wake me up!! 

Then on Saturday I woke up with a massive migraine, without any weather problems or anything; very weird.  That afternoon there was a party to do readings at, and when I went to do them it was as if I was injected with adrenaline…  it was bizarre!!  And it was so hard to do the reading I couldn’t even connect to one of the women, and it was disappointing.

Not sleeping well since Thursday night didn’t help any either, and being constantly hungry…  Which is not like me at all!!

So a friend of mine today told me about this solar eclipse happening today, and how people were even gathering at Mt. Shasta for this big event.  Apparently it has affected highly sensitive people, and I had no idea it was coming. 

I guess I better start following the news of those kinds of things more so I know what’s coming.  This event also apparently ends the preparation of change during May, and creates a surge of power that will be a jump in abilities for people who are sensitive.  This happens periodically; and creates an increase or influx of abilities in many people.  Unfortunately there are growing pains that go along with it, and every time it has happened to me in the past it’s felt like I’ve had the flu or other kind of bad illness when it happens; so that must be what’s going on.

Many web sites talk about the change that is coming and how it will shift the preparation time we have been in to a highly active and prosperous time for us.  Nice to know, and exciting… Worth being sick for a week!

If you are having those kinds of symptoms, relax and get ready for a new ride!!

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More and more people are coming to me about psychic scams, thanking me for the article on my site with all the information on what to look out for so they don’t get taken advantage of.  I added more information today about so-called psychics who claim to clear people’s chakras, then their next visit somehow the chakras are ‘worse’….  Apparently due to the person not working hard enough.

Every time I hear these stories my heart breaks for these people who have lost up to thousands of dollars trying to find answers and peace only to be taken advantage of by horrible selfish scam artists. 

Trust your intuition.  Don’t pay until you are done.  Interview someone before you have a reading.  If it doesn’t feel right, IT’S NOT. 


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Hi All;

I was in a meeting online with some people who have abilities similar to mine the other night.  We all shared what we had, and other people were able to ask questions and give feedback.

It was brought to my attention that I was very reserved and ‘held back’ when I talked about my abilities.  One of the people had said they were jealous of all the things I did, and that just made my stomach hurt; this whole exercise was learning to be more aware of your own feelings about what you do and how you present yourself to others, and wow, did I seem to have issues!

In being questioned about some of the reactions I had, first of all when someone says they are ‘jealous’ of what I can do they don’t see the whole picture.  They can only see when I am in ‘spirit message’ mode, giving information, receiving information, and doing things that other people can’t do.

They don’t see the flip side of my life; having to shop at the market at 2am to avoid all the people thinking in my way so I can get done and home; trying to get to sleep without people who have passed away trying to shove their way in to talk; electronics constantly on the fritz; never being able to enjoy a theater movie since all the people in the room are too close to me; and the best one, being lonely.  Once someone decides it would be ‘cool’ to be my friend it’s nice for a little while until they realize that I really do see into their life and know things about them, and when I relax sometimes things blurt out unintentionally; It’s hard to keep a verbal filter on all the time.  Then I suddenly stop hearing from them since they realize I may know things they would rather no one knows about…

Relationships are difficult, after 3 marriages it’s just too much work to try to be ‘normal’.  I can’t do that, and when my last husband decided to cheat on me I realized that sometimes it’s just better to be alone than try to deal with people who think I’m stupid.

The other aspect was being withdrawn about what I do; I do keep it to myself, afraid to tell people for fear of judgement, losing friendships (but they go away eventually anyway), or just not being prepared for the onslaught of questions like ‘what am I thinking’.  I list my occupation as ARTIST on forms, and rarely make mention of what I do unless someone finds me for help.

Since the recent boom in interest I have had since the beginning of the year there really isn’t much I can do to keep who I am a secret.  I tried dating recently, internet dating (don’t do it), and it was horrible.  It’s a lonely life and I am really ready to have people in it who are open to new things and what I do, and the only way I’m going to find that as well as manage to run a successful business is to shout it from the rooftops what I do, and how special it is.  I’m still a normal person, everyone has something special; this is just mine.

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