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Pendulum Work

Ever work with a pendulum?

Almost anything on a string will do.  Back in the old south women would string a persons wedding ring on a string and hold it over their pregnant belly to see which way it moved; it would indicate a boy or girl, and it was amazingly accurate!

I have a few pendulums, some are just stones on chains, but my favorites are my two quartz pointed tip stones on sterling chains.  They react the best.

NOW… Even with everything I do, I am the ultimate skeptic.  I took a class on pendulums several years ago and it freaked me out!  I practiced over and over holding as still as possible, and the thing still moved…  I don’t get it, but I’ve learned to trust it.

The way to use it is to hold the end of the chain in your dominant hand, and let the stone hang over your other hand.  Steady your hand above, I brace it against the table or my knee.

Next, to get a baseline, ask the stone to show you what it will look like when it answers yes; wait a minute and it should start moving.  mine swings always forward to back.  Then tell it to stop.  It should slow down to almost a stop.  Ask it to show you no; It should go the opposite way, mine goes left to right.

Other people I know have the yes and no go clockwise and counter clockwise circles.

After you get the baseline of what it will look like for the answers, maybe ask a few questions you already know the answer to.  Always say stop in between questions, and always form the question in a yes or no format.

Try it and see how it works for you!  Like I said, some stones will react really wild, some barely at all.  It’s a matter of testing the stones.  Quartz based usually work best since they are energy conductors.

Let me know how you do!


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