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Happiness Update…

Hi Everyone!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to tell you about all the people who have contacted me about how much the information on psychic scams has saved them money and pain.  If I have done nothing else in my life with what I have, this alone makes me proud to be able to help people be aware of what’s out there that’s so underhanded and unfeeling  taking from people in a bad place in life.

The fact that so many people have contacted me is exciting because for every 1 that does usually means there’s at least 10 that read it and got help that didn’t let me know, but still benefited.  Keep spreading the word!!!  I’ve added things to the page as people have brought information to my attention, so I  keep updating it, so if you have something to add please let me know.  I’ll absolutely credit you if you like!

Another thing I’d like to say is a huge thank you to everyone I’ve talked to that says to me that they find me so ‘normal’ or ‘genuine’ when we email or talk.  That means so much to me because that is just me; it’s how I’ve been my whole life, just a normal person with a regular job, raising kids, normal problems, but with this one different thing that makes lots of people treat me different (and go through husbands like crazy.)

Up until this past year in early spring I just decided NO MORE; I wasn’t going to care any more about what people thought.  I say it loud and proud now.  I don’t hide it locally anymore like I used to; I even started telling check out clerks just to practice being ‘out’, lol.  There are mixed reactions, but nearly all are positive, which is always how it is in the beginning, then people start to back off when they get the reality of it.  I don’t get bothered about it anymore.  Take it or leave it, I’m just happy now.

I even started dating again!  That’s been a hard decision whether or not to bring it up on a new date, but the funny story here…  When I’m nervous or upset I affect electronics.  That’s why my 2nd husband wouldn’t let me ride in his van with him anymore, the headlight on the passenger side kept blowing out after I rode with him.  After I stopped it never did again.  The maintenance man is getting suspicious of the problems in my apartment; and I certainly know not to use my computer if I’m angry.

So, I’m on my first date with someone I really liked, not sure whether or not to bring it up, decided no, it would wait.  We were on the way to a restaurant for lunch and he went to check his iphone to see what the weather was going to be like for the afternoon; his apps were gone.  He was dumbfounded.  I thought ‘great’.  Decided that it was time to share; I told him the ‘deep dark secret’, lol.  He didn’t really say much, and wasn’t bothered by it at all, asked a few questions but not much other than that.

We had a nice afternoon, and later that night he called me to let me know that all his apps on his phone had come back after he got home.  Whew!!  Felt much better about that.  We went out a few times after that and it was okay, I’ve moved on and am still working on it but learned that getting it out in the open right away is the best idea.  It’s best for everyone to know up front.

Since then I have been so much happier, I even dropped the last 50 pounds I needed to go from my gastric bypass surgery where I have been stuck for 2 years.  My doctor was actually worried since most people start to gain weight after a long plateau; the fact that I lost so much he did all sorts of tests.  I said ‘maybe it’s just cause I’m happy.’  hehe….  He couldn’t find anything wrong thankfully, and said that he would recommend that to his other patients 🙂

My hope is everyone is finding things to make them happier this year.

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