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I’ve been overwhelmed with people contacting me about their experiences and feelings about experiences they don’t understand lately.

Seems like since February of this year has been some major changes happening; I don’t follow the astrological events (which I probably should), but I have other things that I would rather be doing.  Every time there is an ‘astrological event’ of some kind (such as mercury in retrograde) all peoples abilities change.  During these times we get a ‘bump’ of some kind.  Some big, some little, but a definite shift in your energy happens.  You may suddenly have a few weeks of stress you can’t identify, or of energy, or even fatigue.  These are like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly; your energy leap may b even imperceptible to you, but a change has taken place, and it will show itself soon enough.

My recent jump happened at the end of last month.  apparently there was some type of eclipse that happened and I didn’t know about it until after the fact (as I usually find out.).  Since then my ability to talk to people’s spirit guides has been more forthcoming and I’m even able to get voice names from them at certain times.   I was never able to get that much information from them before.

If you are experiencing anything new or unexplained just watch for new lunar or star events; you can feel free to email me and I can help you figure it out and tel what it may be….

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