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The universe is so amazing, and even though I trust it so much, it still surprises me every time. Just now I was in the laundry room washing a bunch of craft fabric I’ve bought to make dolls that I don’t make since that’s what happens when I’m unhappy and lonely, I buy craft stuff I don’t need…
And my parking neighbor came in from shopping. She said she and her son were just talking about me; he noticed that my front tires were bad and he has two that he would sell me at a great price….
So the weirder part is just the other day I was asked to be a featured guest again this year at a show in the town 30 miles north of us. I of course said yes, and they have me come up and do radio spots before the event which is fun… Then I remembered that my dealer (yes I still take my car to the dealer even after 15 years) said I was in dire need of new front tires.
I decided not to worry about it until Feb 1st just because I don’t get paid until then, so why worry about it now, but at least I remembered… Then that happened! And, he said he would be coming back around the 1st or 2nd and could bring them then, and Walmart switches tires for $5…
Now how come I can’t get the universe to send me a great guy that easy???? Not that I’m not thankful for the tires, but I’m just sayin’…

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New Items

There are 28 new items since doing inventory; unbelievable.  Stuff sitting here all that time and no one able to see it.  Made me look at my tiny place and really take stock of how much stuff I have and don’t use; new things, ‘was gonna’ things; missing 1 piece to complete things…  

In this new age coming so many people are cleaning out material things.  I have that urge, but am a craft hoarder.  I say it loud; being an artist it’s hard not to have everything on hand.  Now if I just had something to show for my collecting, like finished projects…

Don’t be that way!  I challenge you to finish the projects you bought your glitter and beads for!  Maybe once a week we can check in and see how it goes….  Although I’m terrible at keeping up with things like that too…  lol…  I can only be me.  I can only be me.  

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Hello Universal Fellows!

As we are all energy, we are all connected.  The energy created by thoughts can be made real if you wish it!  Sounds corny when I say it, but it’s been shown to me over and over again lately and in so many different ways.  It’s as if the more people that are near each other that share the same mindset add to the collective ‘battery charge’, and it creates this power to use in whatever way you want.  The trick is not to concentrate on negative things, since the energy will go where you send it; if you unconsciously focus on negative things as a habit, more and more of them will happen.

In case you missed it, we didn’t all disappear on Dec. 21st; but something changed.  I have been receiving information and thought knowledge faster and more clearly than ever these days; there have been bouts of insomnia in my past, but now sleep is something I just don’t ‘need’ as much of anymore (wish I had this when my kids were little!)

When I’m doing a reading other people pop in without warning and without my trying.  And the biggest change has been that all the crappy stuff that happens in regular life (you know, the everyday stuff that makes you crazy) that usually gets me down or stressed just doesn’t seem to bother me as much anymore.

Why is that?  I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing anything new in the past few weeks like this.  

So about the scam artists; I’m getting LOTS more emails and calls about people who are getting involved with ‘psychics’ who tell them they have the standard negative energy or else a negative ‘person’ in their life; this person says that they can remove this negative energy by providing candles/potions/baths/spells, etc…  and these will all be fairly costly, and take several sessions.  If you do them they will of course take longer to keep you coming back!

NOW; traditionally scam psychics won’t take credit cards or paypal since those charges can be reversed when you get home or have time to think about it and realize you’ve been conned.  (Red Flag.)

These days the con artists are taking it a step further; they are having people bring items (expensive scotch is a popular item) or gift cards to expensive stores…  Saying that YOU have to dispose of this ‘evil’ money to rid yourself of the negativity, lol…  and by giving them this representation of it there is a cleansing effect.  Sure there is…  Cleaning out your bank account!!

I had a client last week dealing with one such scammer.  She was panicked because she didn’t have the money to purchase all the kinds of expensive items she wanted, and had no idea what she should do.

I explained that the only kind of negative energy that works in that way is things like VooDoo…  The key is you have to know about it and be afraid of it; that way you can blame anything bad that happens (stubbing your toe) on the bad energy, and not on just life itself.  When the bad things happen enough, you will be convinced to buy/gift whatever needed to ‘remove’ it.

In reality there is nothing there.  It’s all a head game.  Good and bad things happen to everyone; when people take advantage of your fear it seems you will do almost anything to avoid the ‘possibility’ of something worse happening since you are in a bad emotional place.  Truthfully being in emotional pain is all part of life…  You can’t know true joy without knowing true pain.  

Only you have the ability to create something good or something bad with the energy you put out.  No one can cause it through thoughts, spells, hexes, candles, etc…  The whole purpose for what people call a ‘spell’ or ritual is to do something repetitive in a meditative state for a specific intention, focusing your energy.  This is for your own benefit, so if you are mistakenly doing these ‘spells’ you find on the internet to cause someone else pain, watch out; it’s coming to you.  Spells are the equivalent to prayers; repetitive items being said for a particular purpose to calm your mind and spirit.

If you have any questions about experiences you’ve had or are having, or know someone who needs some help with answering confusion about these things, feel free to email me at vanessa@owl-lady.com.


Talk again soon,



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