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New Items

There are 28 new items since doing inventory; unbelievable.  Stuff sitting here all that time and no one able to see it.  Made me look at my tiny place and really take stock of how much stuff I have and don’t use; new things, ‘was gonna’ things; missing 1 piece to complete things…  

In this new age coming so many people are cleaning out material things.  I have that urge, but am a craft hoarder.  I say it loud; being an artist it’s hard not to have everything on hand.  Now if I just had something to show for my collecting, like finished projects…

Don’t be that way!  I challenge you to finish the projects you bought your glitter and beads for!  Maybe once a week we can check in and see how it goes….  Although I’m terrible at keeping up with things like that too…  lol…  I can only be me.  I can only be me.  


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