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More and more people have contacted me about the scams they are running across these days; while it’s terrible and violating, it’s also refreshing how many people are trusting their intuition even in the middle of their own emotional turmoil to question what they are feeling and being told.

What amazes me is how angry and aggressive these scam artists get!

So the newest one I’ve run into lately is the scammer asks the victim for a phone number of the loved one they are trying to win back.  They tell them they will work on getting their love to change back to their favor; then they say if the phone rings with their loved ones phone number not to answer it, it’s just his/her work doing well.

Of course this is going to cost lots and lots of money, but you really want this love back in your life, so it’s worth it to you at the time.

Later that night, lo and behold your phone rings and it’s your lost love’s phone id!!  It’s working!  How exciting.  Now you are locked in to the next phase of the ritual which will probably involve life size candles from india, burned in a special location you don’t get to see, gifts, etc etc etc.

The trick is this; anyone can use an application to call you and make it look like another persons phone number is showing up on the caller ID.  They don’t want you to answer cause you’d find out it’s them!

The client I talked to actually called her past love the next day to find out if he did call the day before, and he had no idea what she was talking about.  She cut contact with the scammer all together and was severely harassed by the woman who threatened her with life long curses, misery, all sorts of things.  I suggested she retaliate with a threat to report her to the authorities for harassment and she was never heard from again.

If you know of any new ones that I haven’t covered please let me know!


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