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Yes, I’m back!

I’ve been out of commission for two months now with non stop headaches/migraines,   not sleeping, back pain, and a whiny menopausal cat.

After fighting for weeks with this cycle, testing sleep places and patterns, and sleeping with a water bottle to attack the whiny cat at 4am, the cycle has finally ended!

My pain doctor did steroid injections into my pain areas of my back, which alleviated the pain that was keeping me from breathing correctly for nearly 3 years.  Funny how breathing is SUCH a big thing.  I came home and immediately fell asleep for 5 hours straight.  Up a couple hours, then slept another 5!  Usually if I sleep more than 3 waking up is a certain migraine; wednesday morning, no migraine!

Now with a fresh brain, and being able to breathe, the thought occured to me that maybe the cat was up yelling half the night because she thought I should be up playing with her instead of sleeping since there are so many lights on.  I turned all the lights off that night, and…  NO SCREAMING CAT!

Can I take it?  Breathing, minimal pain, sleeping in bed instead of the couch AND the cat not yelling at me all night??  I have a new life.

I know it’s only been two days, but hope lives strong, and even though I am rocking a full moon headache tonight I don’t mind, since that is something that happens every month.

Crossing fingers that this lasts.

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