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Being disabled is a completely incomprehensible way to live.  When others here in my neighborhood meet we talk about what we do now, and what we did in our “before life”; you actually have to grieve the loss of your old life and build a new one around the way life works now (or doesn’t).

Fortunately the problems to deal with have been mostly physical; back, body, etc until this month.  I have lost the entire month of June due to Occipital Neuropathy; the right side of your head and face are gripped in such severe pain it can make you crazy; no painkillers can touch it since it’s nerve related, and being one of the few that the numbing block didn’t help, all they can do is keep me on muscle relaxants and rest.

For 10 years I’ve dealt with everything else, but this is relentless; you can’t think, function, remember what day it is…  after a month and no relief and no hope of any change it’s really an amazing perspective on life I’ve never had before…

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