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So I have mentioned the 5th dimention now, and you might be asking, what is that?   Well, I’m not completely clear myself.  All I know is that all of us with hypersensitivity to the earth and the people around us, especially lightworkers, are being taken to a new level at an alarmingly slow rate.  I’m a poor source to ask since I don’t understand it completely myself, all I know is that it started in 2000, and and that was exactly when I started getting severely ill.  Increasingly getting more ill all these years has been a mystery, and if it’s for a reason like this okay, but let’s get to it, or clear up the reason, or at least take away the screaming daily migraines, okay?

There are quite a few web sites on this and some are easier to comprehend than others, but I have found a few that describe the exact thing happening to other people especially with things disappearing and getting lost “in between worlds” feeling like they are floating or lost at times.  That is the hardest part, the unknown and the weirdness/pain.



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Okay.  I’m based in science, and always a skeptic.  I can’t argue with what happens to me or what abilities I have and resolved that a long time ago.

When I started getting very sick it was a mystery, and has been for years.  Now with all the talk of the “ascension” for lightworkers to the 5th dimension I am trying to resolve it in my head.  Everything likes up the more I read the stranger the timing and coincidences.   Hard to explain to my neurologist that my migraines are a result of my transition to the 5th dimention…  Hello, psych?

So, as things rapidly change and get worse trying to keep my cool, all through Murcury Retrograde (again, based in science, but can’t help fighting facts.)

This week has been the most bizarre week ever.  I know things will move faster and faster toward the end of Dec, but now it’s getting scary.  Twice now I have gone to take medication (I take several for pain and headache prevention, etc) I walk away to get a piece of bread, 8 steps, and when I get back they are GONE.  I live alone,  super tiny itty bitty apartment.  Not like I could have left them in the conservatory of the left wing of the mansion… lol.  8 steps.  Bread.  Back to coffee table, GONE.  I could see one or two even, if the cat got curious which she never does, she has no interest or thumbs.  I searched the table, floor, trash, kitchen, bathroom, places I couldn’t even have gone.  Checked pockets, picked up every item on the table, took the couch apart.  There were 12 pills.  Not 1.  Not 1 of them at all.  How can this be twice?????

Now today I checked something on my computer when I woke up at 3am, went back to sleep, and when I woke up my mouse is gone.  It’s a remote mouse.  I’ve done the same routine; it always sits in the same place on the coffee table;  checked everywhere on and around the table, trash, under and in the couch, under and around the table, kitchen, bathroom, every conceivable place you can imagine.  GONE.  GONE..  Whoever (whatever) took my remote mouse took the mouse and a rechargeable battery, lol.  I had to go buy a new mouse.

Makes me afraid to go to sleep to see what will be missing in the morning!!!

And why are these things disappearing, and where are they going???  Couldn’t they just leave a note with a message of what they are trying to tell me???

I have a car bill to pay off, I can’t keep replacing what they are taking!!




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