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Happy New Year!

Best wishes to everyone on a year full of hopes and dreams filled to the brim; since that is what life is, choices made, wishes cast to the universe to bring back to you 3 fold.

It’s also a time to look back and see what you make of the past year.  Time passed so you have time to remove the emotion of events and see them for what they really are.  Were those bad times really bad, or blessings in disguise?  Were those good times treasured enough to have for ages?  Everything is all in the way you take it.  Just like the Twilight Show that is so memorable of the people in heaven and hell; they are actually in the same room.  An old couple watching endless movies of their past, in heaven; the rowdy biker stuck in the same room trapped in his version of hell.

New Year’s Resolutions? No, hate them.  I tend to have random resolutions.  If you force yourself or someone else to do something it won’t happen just since you will resent it eventually.  Also if you have a resolution and want to make a change you can do it over and over until you make that change, while I do like the little green Jedi, the sentiment of “Do or not do, there is no try” doesn’t work for me.

Procrastination is my weakness.  Worst thing in my life for a long time.  So hard to just relax and take time without thinking of all the things that need to be done, then too tired of thinking to do them.  If there could just be some synchronization of the energy of thinking and the movement of doing…  Sounds so silly, and yet in the whole existence of the massive changes in life it’s the one constant.

Now other people look at my life and marvel at all the things that have been done, and are done, even with the limitations I have.  While still feeling it’s never enough.  I scoff at the people who say I should write a book since I think my life is boring; maybe it’s just life lived at a different speed.

Looking back at this year and the past 4 years it’s been one long blur; getting used to being in a new phase of my life, moving toward a new spiritual awakening that is happening and affecting so many people.  Moving from the material to the spiritual.  Once my piles of stuff made me feel safe, now they just make me feel choking.

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