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Had lots of time to think lately.  Usually not a good thing for me, I like to be busy at least mentally.   But with the cold and the weather it’s just a blah kind of month.

I realized today how off it’s been really.  Having the flu is bad enough, but the before and after parts are all bad too; the prelude when you don’t know it’s coming on, you just feel funny; days like today where you think it’s good but it hits again.  These are my ‘blind’ days.  Seems all of January has been mostly blind.

I don’t talk much usually.  People have commented about my being quiet, stuck-up or even ‘intimidating’, lol.  It’s just that I don’t have to talk.  Like the 5 year old kid who never spoke a word until one day he said ‘my oatmeal is cold’; his parents were amazed; he said ‘well, everything has been fine up until now’.

Things just come to me when talking to people, so there is less to say.  Until weeks like this.

Then the babbling starts.  Cause I have no idea what people are thinking or feeling, and I’m shooting in the dark; and I sound like a freaking idiot.

Talking to everyone that normally would be a short conversation ends up with me stepping out of my body yelling at myself to SHUT UP!!! but I can’t!  Every emotion is asking what, when, how, why…. all at the same time.

Maybe I do sound like someone that has suddenly just lost a sense.  Glad to know it’s short term though, for now anyway.

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Scam artists are making my blood boil.  How can I get the word out there louder?  Stronger? Anyone reading this blog that has a way to spread the word wider please let me know.

Scam artists may or may not have some degree of abilities to suck you in, but once any dollar amount over $100 is mentioned, second readings, or any of the following: candles, objects, crystals, affecting other people, calling you, seeing black clouds, black auras, asking for gifts, gift cards, money orders, talking about anything scary or negative to scare you, predicting specific events or dates for people to call (and telling you not to answer), asking for photos or treasured mementos….

RUN.  RUN FAST.  DON’T ANSWER WHEN THEY CALL, and they will, I guarantee it.

Real psychics dislike the term psychic since it infers expectations like this now.  We are preferring Intuitive or something like that; no one thinks about why it’s so hard to find a real and ethical Intuitive Reader.  Let me tell you.

REAL Readers have had a very hard life.  Imagine having things in your head about everyone around you and most people you meet, and learning it’s a bad thing to tell people it’s a bad thing since no one understands what you have.  Imagine having no one to ask any questions about what you are experiencing once you understand what it is you are feeling and seeing.

Imagine getting the life nearly beat out of you most of your life because your mother insists you are the devil and she is a raging evil alcholic who is really afraid of you but doesn’t want you to know what she is really thinking.

Imagine divorcing every husband you have had since they just couldn’t stand you knowing things about them all the time, or because you got so much attention.

Or best of all, the physical toll it takes on your body.  True sensitives and intuitives have horrible physical problems and migraines because of the energy drain it takes on their bodies that the doctors just can’t fix or even understand; leaving you fighting for disability and ending up with no life to live but fighting for survival because you slip through the cracks of the government system after working hard all your life and making too much money to get any help even though you now live far below poverty.

Now go back to the phone call you make to the ‘psychic’; are they thinking of you, or of their own needs?

I have rarely shared aspects of my life with anyone, but it sickens me to see people who are in dire straights even worse than I am losing money paying these people stealing food from their mouths.  I talk to people in distress all the time who are in distress after being told they are cursed now unless they come up with a thousand dollars.

I’m pissed off.

And hungry.  And still just worried about the person on the other end of the phone, not my own pain.  Because that’s what my path is.

Time to see if someone put something new in my fridge again.

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