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Finally getting settled in my new place.  It;s been a lot harder than I thought, but a great move.

Movers never showed up, my knight in shining armor (brother in law) rescued me and got me moved, and I went to a new city across the state to a new apartment I have never seen in the night.  Knowing no one in the city.  Sounds crazy to most people, but that’s how I have always lived my life by trusting my instincts and jumping without a net.  Doesn’t always work the best, but for the most part it’s worked.

Getting health care sorted out has been a mountain of paperwork that I can’t get my hands on, and it’s catch 22; no appointment until I get the records, and the records they say they keep sending but they never get here.  Lying outright to me, and it’s just frustrating.

Since my migraines are out of control right now I am taking a break from doing readings for now.  Just have no energy to do day to day things, and feel like I would be selling people short trying to do an accurate reading for now.

Lots is changing since I made the change here; what I want to do, how I see things, what I want from life.  The new hospital here already has figured out two reasons I have been in such pain for years, and instead of just feeding me pain pills and shots they have identified what the problems are.  Amazing.  The difference between a decent hospital and a great one.

Everything here has been amazingly different and great.  Now if the migraines will just cut back to even half I could function!

Happy Summer!



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