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Watched a series yesterday on Netflix while I was packing yesterday.  It’s called something like Marriage Boot Camp, for couples that were on the show Bridezillas, who are now having rocky marriages.

Yes, one of my secret pleasures is trash tv.

Anyway, on the 3rd or 4th episode one of the counselors was telling people how she perceives them.  They looked a bit shocked; it was as if someone had peeked into their soul and exposed their secrets.

Not the case of course, she knew the people well after only a few days since she was privvy to their actions and reactions, their files, their interactions with the other couples and a one on one session she had with them in the beginning.

It struck me in a funny way.  I do the same thing when I meet or pass someone on the street; even talk to them over the phone.  Or even connect to someone they know.

While she was talking it felt like a person finally connected with me; so strange. Someone finally understood how I felt or see things; of course it’s not, and she is a doctor of psychology trained to know her clients well; that didn’t register with me; only the words directed to each participant.

I guess it felt like ‘magic’ to me as well and for a few minutes I had the same feeling the participants did since it felt so amazing.

After I realized that she was professionally summarizing their profile in a concise manner and giving it to them in a complete reality check after all that work she did, then knowing I do it by just looking or hearing a person took me a few minutes to comprehend.  It was the closest I ever got to understanding what it is I do and how unusual it is.

Guess that’s why the term ‘psychic’ makes me cringe; there’s so much more that comes through and is involved in what I have and what I do, and have no idea what the ‘title’ of it is.

If anyone out there knows or has a suggestion please let me know!


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Talked with the nicest guy this week. He was concerned about being scammed, so wanted some clarity which I’m always happy to help with.
When he got to the part where he was taking a salt bath/wash at this womans place I wanted to stop him, but he was a very funny and uplifting guy; he went on with her doing some energy stuff, and how spooky it was that she was so dead on with things.
I hate bursting peoples bubbles, but I prefer their money stay in their own pocket. I explained that most energy work is not really done by readers, and it was just creepy what he did. He had a great laugh.
Also I explained that many non reputable readers read by “fishing”. In school we learned about micro signs and reactions you make without knowing it.
We talked about his”session”since it was still so fresh in his mind, and after following the basic path of a basic readers conversation in a con that I’ve seen so often I started identifying how they learns those things from him, and he had no idea, thinking they were amazing.
He said he felt stupid at that point, but still laughed so great.
Told him not to, just gather strength for phase 2; the shakedown.
Now comes scare tactics, constant phone calls, threats and more to get you to come in to “help you”.
He laughed and said she had already called since she had ordered the supplies to do the work for clearing my darker energy around me, lol. $350 (cheap!)
I said if he was smart he would just stop answering her calls and let it go. If he felt bad have her show a bill of receipt from a company she ordered the supplies from and reimburse her the $5 and be done.  Great laugh.
He called again a few days later and apparently she had become very threatening on the phone saying it was life or death he come in; not to tell anyone; etc. he was a little confused and worried.
I said yes, I suppose she is right; it’s life or death cause she counted on you being conned to come in and spend lots more than 350, cause the 1at of the month is coming up and her rent is due! She said not to tell anyone so no one would point out to you that it was such a bunch of hoowey!
He laughed the best ever and said he should have given that money to me instead.  I said well, I’m moving so it would come in handy, but just refer me to people for real readings and I know I’ll be fine.
I hope he still has his humor going strong.

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Have you felt kind of down and disconnected recently?  Out of it?  Just annoyed at so many things that would normally not bother you?

I see it as a soul cold.  Our bodies have a cold (which I’m in the middle of a whopper right now) but many of my friends are in the middle of a soul cold right now which may explain why my cold is hanging on so long.

These are probably caused by something astrological but I don’t follow that kind of thing.  All of a sudden all of my sensitive friends are just hermits, and not communicating at all.  I just explained it to someone today that I was concerned about.

Please excuse any poor or basic writing, but I am blurry (nyquil) and just felt the need to share this with everyone that might be experience it without understanding what is making them down or just what my daughter calls “poopy” lately.

It’s about day 9, and it usually lasts 10-14 days, so we are over the hump.

After having the flu, now the severe cold, bronchitis and the soul cold, and I AM MOVING APRIL 1st…..  I better feel better soon.  I’m warning the Universe, and I am serious this time.

I’m always a patient person; it owes me.

BTW… Why is it that everyone who offers to help me clean or pack has been cancelling on me for the last month??  Also, the past three people that cleaned for me have been hurt severely unable to help any longer, making me afraid to ask for help as well.

Even professional services that I call to get quotes and help from won’t return my calls.  I have been wondering about it, trying to figure out why the heck this is happening, maybe what lesson I’m supposed to learn from it.

BUT WTF?????

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I thought it was just me, but after talking to so many people lately letting go seems to be the theme since the recent ‘step up’ in December.

Admittedly being a hoarder of art and craft supplies (and two storage sheds) being an artist I always justified everything I hung on to.  Sure, paint, brushes, papers, adhesives, my hundreds of glitter and beads, even my life size flat mannequin rescued from the alley.  Then 4 years ago I had to downsize my 4 story victorian house to a 1 bedroom apartment and realized I had a problem.

I couldn’t part with the blank newspaper.  Or the old dishes. The plastic flowers; 4 black trash bags full… you’ve seen the hoarder shows where they have to dig through every bit of a trash bag??  That was me, head first in the plastic bag til I was lightheaded.  And I hate plastic flowers!!!

So these things went into storage.  Lots went to other people, but lots went to storage since I had no time to deal with it.  Then this past October things started to lighten up for me.  All of a sudden the give-away-fairy lived in my home.  Parting with items felt… nothing.  Felt nothing.  How could I part with these amazing items and feel nothing???

Tubs and tubs of papers and cutters, craft supplies went to the local High School Art Class; yes I faltered and did keep one tub that had Emu eggs and Mardi Gras items I needed to go through.  Scrapbooking items, punches, so many things…  Two SUV’s the teachers filled and I felt nothing.

Down to one storage shed.  I even found items unrecognizable to me, had no idea ever receiving.  A great jewelry display box.  (I did keep that).

The point is, sending boxes and boxes of jewelry items and sewing items to my kids and friends has been happening more since this December shift.  Things don’t seem to matter for the first time in 52 years.  The Universe has made some kind of amazing move lately that I am unfamiliar with.  Letting Go.

The flip side of this has been meeting new people.  Being a hermit the people around me are very few.  New people are rare.  The information I get is overwhelming and since December getting stronger imagery and smells has been something to work with; but I decided that with the letting go of THINGS alternatively letting people IN was a meaningful thing for the first time in my life that I have never done before.

So amny amazing things have happened in the past month after opening up to people.  They aren’t as afraid of me as they used to be; that was always hard to take.  Words come easier as I can separate the images from the words.

Having a sarcastic sense of humor I like to have fun with people and can go too far, but find that people on my wavelength click with me in that way.  The recent show I did introduced me to so many great people and the feeling was overwhelming… And then I had to wonder why this happened as I am getting ready to move across the state 🙂

Letting Go.  So hard.  Now so easy; the Universe has brought a new chapter into my life and so many others are feeling it too in their lives.  Letting go.  Meeting people and connecting.  The change is great, and the change is amazing for other people as well.

And, if anyone needs craft items let me know.


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Worked a show in Winona this weekend, and it was amazing.  So many wonderful people.  So many readings!  Saturday was exhausting, and I slept better that night than I have in a long time…  Sunday was tough.

Sunday a woman came into my booth and I knew her, and asked where I had met her before.  She said no, we hadn’t met.  I said I was sure we had met before somewhere, don’t you hate that feeling that you can’t place where you know where you saw them?

She asked about the mini readings I do, so we went to sit down, and then she said that her friend had been in on Saturday and asked a question regarding her; I said ‘That’s where I know you from!”  I recognized her energy signature from the connection the day before.

It was so great to make the connection but also weird; to recognize a person by their energy signarure was so strange.

That’s a good explanation of the times in your life where you meed someone and automatically feel like you like them or dislike them.  The energy signature is just at some familiar level to you.

It also is a good explanation of how that phenomenon works when you can feel someone ‘watching’ you.  The energy is in the room and you can feel it,

This doesn’t just happen in proximity yo you.

After the show was over and I came back home I was exhausted and having a hard time getting back into the swing of thngs in my home.  Having visited with so many people and done so much it took more out of me than ever before.

I asked my sister to help if she knew a way to overcome it since she is a performer and she had wonderful ideas.

That helped somewhat… and gelt better.

Then I kept getting texts from people who needed things, and I just was surprised at the volumn of requests I was getting.  So unusual.

Out of the amazing blue my mentor from AZ texted me asking what was up…  Apparently feeling my discomfort.  Surprised the heck out of me!

She had wonderful advice for me to get back on track with things.

Crazy stuff, eh?

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I absolutely believe that if you are either not ready or comfortable to get a reading after scheduling one, then we just don’t.  Also it’s understood that just because I know me, you have no idea who I am.  Do it my self on occassion when I have anxiety.   Used to do it lots more.  Sometimes it’s just the way you have to do it.

Getting a reading is something you do when you are having stress in your life, so worrying about the reading shouldn’t be adding to the stress!!  I’m sending you good thoughts, love, light, and random acts of chocolate into your life no matter what.

Even if we have a reading scheduled I’m working on other things with my business that need to be done, or crocheting, reading, etc…  That’s one reason I leave it up to you to call.  It gives you the decision.  I have plenty to do if you don’t call, and just keep on going hoping you are ok, but I would never call and invade your life.  If you don’t reach out to me and still are having stress and issues I hope you reach out to someone and if we meet again it’s in better times.

SO; please never feel like I would be feeling any ill will if you cancel or don’t call after making an appointment.  This part of me that works with other people is very unique in my life and I get much more out of it when I do talk to you, but it’s just not in my nature to harbor anything but good will and best wishes to anyone for anything, just ask my ex(es), lol.

If you hurt one of my kids we will have a different talk I guarantee it, other than that we are good.


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Scam artists are making my blood boil.  How can I get the word out there louder?  Stronger? Anyone reading this blog that has a way to spread the word wider please let me know.

Scam artists may or may not have some degree of abilities to suck you in, but once any dollar amount over $100 is mentioned, second readings, or any of the following: candles, objects, crystals, affecting other people, calling you, seeing black clouds, black auras, asking for gifts, gift cards, money orders, talking about anything scary or negative to scare you, predicting specific events or dates for people to call (and telling you not to answer), asking for photos or treasured mementos….

RUN.  RUN FAST.  DON’T ANSWER WHEN THEY CALL, and they will, I guarantee it.

Real psychics dislike the term psychic since it infers expectations like this now.  We are preferring Intuitive or something like that; no one thinks about why it’s so hard to find a real and ethical Intuitive Reader.  Let me tell you.

REAL Readers have had a very hard life.  Imagine having things in your head about everyone around you and most people you meet, and learning it’s a bad thing to tell people it’s a bad thing since no one understands what you have.  Imagine having no one to ask any questions about what you are experiencing once you understand what it is you are feeling and seeing.

Imagine getting the life nearly beat out of you most of your life because your mother insists you are the devil and she is a raging evil alcholic who is really afraid of you but doesn’t want you to know what she is really thinking.

Imagine divorcing every husband you have had since they just couldn’t stand you knowing things about them all the time, or because you got so much attention.

Or best of all, the physical toll it takes on your body.  True sensitives and intuitives have horrible physical problems and migraines because of the energy drain it takes on their bodies that the doctors just can’t fix or even understand; leaving you fighting for disability and ending up with no life to live but fighting for survival because you slip through the cracks of the government system after working hard all your life and making too much money to get any help even though you now live far below poverty.

Now go back to the phone call you make to the ‘psychic’; are they thinking of you, or of their own needs?

I have rarely shared aspects of my life with anyone, but it sickens me to see people who are in dire straights even worse than I am losing money paying these people stealing food from their mouths.  I talk to people in distress all the time who are in distress after being told they are cursed now unless they come up with a thousand dollars.

I’m pissed off.

And hungry.  And still just worried about the person on the other end of the phone, not my own pain.  Because that’s what my path is.

Time to see if someone put something new in my fridge again.

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Happy New Year!

Best wishes to everyone on a year full of hopes and dreams filled to the brim; since that is what life is, choices made, wishes cast to the universe to bring back to you 3 fold.

It’s also a time to look back and see what you make of the past year.  Time passed so you have time to remove the emotion of events and see them for what they really are.  Were those bad times really bad, or blessings in disguise?  Were those good times treasured enough to have for ages?  Everything is all in the way you take it.  Just like the Twilight Show that is so memorable of the people in heaven and hell; they are actually in the same room.  An old couple watching endless movies of their past, in heaven; the rowdy biker stuck in the same room trapped in his version of hell.

New Year’s Resolutions? No, hate them.  I tend to have random resolutions.  If you force yourself or someone else to do something it won’t happen just since you will resent it eventually.  Also if you have a resolution and want to make a change you can do it over and over until you make that change, while I do like the little green Jedi, the sentiment of “Do or not do, there is no try” doesn’t work for me.

Procrastination is my weakness.  Worst thing in my life for a long time.  So hard to just relax and take time without thinking of all the things that need to be done, then too tired of thinking to do them.  If there could just be some synchronization of the energy of thinking and the movement of doing…  Sounds so silly, and yet in the whole existence of the massive changes in life it’s the one constant.

Now other people look at my life and marvel at all the things that have been done, and are done, even with the limitations I have.  While still feeling it’s never enough.  I scoff at the people who say I should write a book since I think my life is boring; maybe it’s just life lived at a different speed.

Looking back at this year and the past 4 years it’s been one long blur; getting used to being in a new phase of my life, moving toward a new spiritual awakening that is happening and affecting so many people.  Moving from the material to the spiritual.  Once my piles of stuff made me feel safe, now they just make me feel choking.

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I’ve always had one tool that is quite weird to me, that is Medical Intuitive.  With Medical Intuitive-ness what happens is you close your eyes and visualize a scan light traveling from the person’s top of their head to the bottom of their feet.

During this time slowly I get shown certain areas (and sometimes feel) areas of the person’s body.  If it’s a tannish color it’s an area it’s usually an injury or problem that has happened in the past that is resolved.  If it’s yellow or gold it’s something that is chronic and current but most likely being taken care of.  If it’s a red area it’s an area that has something that needs attention or will be something to be watched in the near future.

While my psychic/intuitive ability has been tested at about 85% which is very high, the medical intuitive ability has been 100%.  Often I hope there is times I’m wrong so it brings the average down; I feel super pressure with that kind of reigning result hanging over me.

Recently I went to a show and did many readings for people (single readings for people to see what it’s like).  A woman I know came to me and asked me to check her daughter since she had been recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder after problems with racing heart problems and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her heart.

I did a medical scan on her and after focusing on that area the red area I saw was nearby the heart but back a bit.  I was told it was the Adreanal Gland; which made sense after I talked to her she agreed that the symptoms were similar to fight or flight out of nowhere even when she was sitting still doing nothing.

Her mother took her to the doctor and the doc listened to her for a minute but when she suggested a psychic told her it was adrenal he said that was extremely rare and wanted to try her on anti-anxiety meds.

Her father said no to that, took her back to the doctor and demanded she have the adrenal tests done.  Turned out that she had strangely elevated adrenaline levels…  The next step was to get her an MRI in case there were any growths or tumors on the gland.  It came back clean, so now it can be treated with medication.

When her mother went back in for the follow up appointment the doctor quietly said, “so, a psychic told you this, huh?” she said yes.  He said maybe they should have me on staff there…

Too funny.  I’m so happy that my friend’s daughter is getting the help she needs instead of being depressed about not getting the news of any answers.  This is what I love about what I do.

The great part is I don’t have to be in person to do it!  It’s a strange ability, and getting stronger all the time.  We as sensitives get stronger several times a year and never know what we will get, so these new abilities getting stronger is always so exciting.


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For the last few weeks I have been receiving several phone calls a week from people who just blast out a question to me.  Where do they find me?  Explaining first of all that appointments are preferred, since it’s easier for me to have a bit of prep time, and I also need to do a short overall reading to get a view of what is going on in their life, they just blurt out ‘well I just want to know where my love life is going.”


Okay…  Well, I can schedule a short reading with you that is a 20 minute reading and lets me get an insight into what is going on in your life and what is going on around you; the shortest one for 20 minutes is $25.  This consumes an hour and a half of my time.  getting ready, clearing myself, doing my short meditation before hand, and the reading itself.

The reaction; “Well I don’t have $25.”  In past years I would have said never mind, I’ll go ahead and do it anyway.  Not anymore.  It’s not about the money.  I make more using that time to create a necklace.  The difficulty is that this person type usually will stretch a single question into an hour long conversation, and drain me.  Then they really don’t want to hear what I have to say anyway since I don’t agree with what I say; they want me to agree with their position or do something to create a situation to change what is happening in their life which can’t happen unless you do self work, which most of these people aren’t interested in.

I’m very proud of myself for not allowing these people to sway me to do something I don’t want to do anymore; it still doesn’t feel great since I always want to help anyone in pain or stress, but to be treated as if my work has no value is so hurtful was something that was an important fact to finally realize.

Thank you everyone who appreciates those of us in energy work!


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