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Holy cow. 3 years coming up I’ve been in Oshkosh, life had changed so much.

Finally getting my art drive back. Organizing more. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve felt calm and safe, mostly.

Now after 3 years of evaluating life, dealing with fear, fighting the input I carry around, finally receiving correct diagnoses’ and on the road to recovery, I’m feeling more whole than I ever remember feeling.

Overloaded with input lately is a big issue.  Media, gossip, people’s enhanced energy… These things are so hard to control.

Cutting back on it all is similar to a diet, and I’m not great with any kind of organized cutting back of anything.

When I tell myself ‘no more of this for a while’, 5 minutes later it’s all I want to do!


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Finally getting settled in my new place.  It;s been a lot harder than I thought, but a great move.

Movers never showed up, my knight in shining armor (brother in law) rescued me and got me moved, and I went to a new city across the state to a new apartment I have never seen in the night.  Knowing no one in the city.  Sounds crazy to most people, but that’s how I have always lived my life by trusting my instincts and jumping without a net.  Doesn’t always work the best, but for the most part it’s worked.

Getting health care sorted out has been a mountain of paperwork that I can’t get my hands on, and it’s catch 22; no appointment until I get the records, and the records they say they keep sending but they never get here.  Lying outright to me, and it’s just frustrating.

Since my migraines are out of control right now I am taking a break from doing readings for now.  Just have no energy to do day to day things, and feel like I would be selling people short trying to do an accurate reading for now.

Lots is changing since I made the change here; what I want to do, how I see things, what I want from life.  The new hospital here already has figured out two reasons I have been in such pain for years, and instead of just feeding me pain pills and shots they have identified what the problems are.  Amazing.  The difference between a decent hospital and a great one.

Everything here has been amazingly different and great.  Now if the migraines will just cut back to even half I could function!

Happy Summer!



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I’m still sorting and packing everything.

Stones and crystals, glitter and sand. beads and books.

How on earth did all this stuff fit in this teeny apartment?

I’m selling the air conditioner since my new place has central air.  My upstairs neighbor came over this morning to ask about it.  At 7am on a Sunday morning.

He came in and decided to take it, but looked around in slow disbelief; asked if my apartment was the same layout as his.  I knew it was since there had been a few times I’d seen his briefly.  He just kept saying there was so much stuff; slowly, and kind of creepy.  After he left it made me feel like there was something wrong with me that I have all these things in my home and live like this.  A wall of organized boxes of craft supplies, jewelry making supplies and stones, overflow of glitter and beads…  Work table and small tile table that should be an eating table but right now is a catch all; and all morning it kept ringing in my ears.

“There’s so much stuff…”

Ended up just taking a nap cause I felt overwhelmed about where to start again since it felt like there was nowhere to start.  After waking up and shaking off the morning thing it’s getting better, and realizing what I already got rid of is gigantic; but damn… Really threw me for a loop.  I know I live a bohemian life style where it’s just me in an art studio, but to get someone’s reaction like that who has never been exposed to it made me feel like a Hoarders show candidate.

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Watched a series yesterday on Netflix while I was packing yesterday.  It’s called something like Marriage Boot Camp, for couples that were on the show Bridezillas, who are now having rocky marriages.

Yes, one of my secret pleasures is trash tv.

Anyway, on the 3rd or 4th episode one of the counselors was telling people how she perceives them.  They looked a bit shocked; it was as if someone had peeked into their soul and exposed their secrets.

Not the case of course, she knew the people well after only a few days since she was privvy to their actions and reactions, their files, their interactions with the other couples and a one on one session she had with them in the beginning.

It struck me in a funny way.  I do the same thing when I meet or pass someone on the street; even talk to them over the phone.  Or even connect to someone they know.

While she was talking it felt like a person finally connected with me; so strange. Someone finally understood how I felt or see things; of course it’s not, and she is a doctor of psychology trained to know her clients well; that didn’t register with me; only the words directed to each participant.

I guess it felt like ‘magic’ to me as well and for a few minutes I had the same feeling the participants did since it felt so amazing.

After I realized that she was professionally summarizing their profile in a concise manner and giving it to them in a complete reality check after all that work she did, then knowing I do it by just looking or hearing a person took me a few minutes to comprehend.  It was the closest I ever got to understanding what it is I do and how unusual it is.

Guess that’s why the term ‘psychic’ makes me cringe; there’s so much more that comes through and is involved in what I have and what I do, and have no idea what the ‘title’ of it is.

If anyone out there knows or has a suggestion please let me know!


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So yesterday there was a rift between myself and a friend.  Not good.  It happens, and even though I know that I should have disengaged instead of insisting I was right it was difficult.  Finally it was over quickly because I remembered that defending my ‘self’ isn’t important.  I know who I am and what my values are, if others think otherwise there is nothing I can control over that.  My problem is that I want everyone to like me, and that will never happen.  How would I fit them all in my contact list?

Even close people will change the ebb and flow of their life especially as I change the flow of mine; since mine is in such a huge positive upheval right now there are many people leaving my life.  This was just something that caught me off guard, and I engaged in something juvenile. Regretfully, but I forgive myself.

Not 2 minutes after the interaction I received a phonecall from a company where I had placed an order last week.  They asked if I had received their email, and I had not.  They said that an item I ordered was not in stock and they wanted to know if I wanted another color; I didn’t, but it was funny; there were two items I had ordered for that person in that shipment, so I asked them to remove them.  That person said they wanted no contact with me, and I laughed that the universe was saving me from spending money I can definitely not afford to spend right now.

I don’t get surprised by the universe that often these days, but that one really made me laugh!!

Now if the universe would send me a few people to pack my apartment and help me unpack on the first that would be great…  Packing sucks.


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Have you felt kind of down and disconnected recently?  Out of it?  Just annoyed at so many things that would normally not bother you?

I see it as a soul cold.  Our bodies have a cold (which I’m in the middle of a whopper right now) but many of my friends are in the middle of a soul cold right now which may explain why my cold is hanging on so long.

These are probably caused by something astrological but I don’t follow that kind of thing.  All of a sudden all of my sensitive friends are just hermits, and not communicating at all.  I just explained it to someone today that I was concerned about.

Please excuse any poor or basic writing, but I am blurry (nyquil) and just felt the need to share this with everyone that might be experience it without understanding what is making them down or just what my daughter calls “poopy” lately.

It’s about day 9, and it usually lasts 10-14 days, so we are over the hump.

After having the flu, now the severe cold, bronchitis and the soul cold, and I AM MOVING APRIL 1st…..  I better feel better soon.  I’m warning the Universe, and I am serious this time.

I’m always a patient person; it owes me.

BTW… Why is it that everyone who offers to help me clean or pack has been cancelling on me for the last month??  Also, the past three people that cleaned for me have been hurt severely unable to help any longer, making me afraid to ask for help as well.

Even professional services that I call to get quotes and help from won’t return my calls.  I have been wondering about it, trying to figure out why the heck this is happening, maybe what lesson I’m supposed to learn from it.

BUT WTF?????

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Worked a show in Winona this weekend, and it was amazing.  So many wonderful people.  So many readings!  Saturday was exhausting, and I slept better that night than I have in a long time…  Sunday was tough.

Sunday a woman came into my booth and I knew her, and asked where I had met her before.  She said no, we hadn’t met.  I said I was sure we had met before somewhere, don’t you hate that feeling that you can’t place where you know where you saw them?

She asked about the mini readings I do, so we went to sit down, and then she said that her friend had been in on Saturday and asked a question regarding her; I said ‘That’s where I know you from!”  I recognized her energy signature from the connection the day before.

It was so great to make the connection but also weird; to recognize a person by their energy signarure was so strange.

That’s a good explanation of the times in your life where you meed someone and automatically feel like you like them or dislike them.  The energy signature is just at some familiar level to you.

It also is a good explanation of how that phenomenon works when you can feel someone ‘watching’ you.  The energy is in the room and you can feel it,

This doesn’t just happen in proximity yo you.

After the show was over and I came back home I was exhausted and having a hard time getting back into the swing of thngs in my home.  Having visited with so many people and done so much it took more out of me than ever before.

I asked my sister to help if she knew a way to overcome it since she is a performer and she had wonderful ideas.

That helped somewhat… and gelt better.

Then I kept getting texts from people who needed things, and I just was surprised at the volumn of requests I was getting.  So unusual.

Out of the amazing blue my mentor from AZ texted me asking what was up…  Apparently feeling my discomfort.  Surprised the heck out of me!

She had wonderful advice for me to get back on track with things.

Crazy stuff, eh?

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Yes, again this year I will be a guest at the WInona Home Show doing mini readings for people at the show.  Quick little sample readings so you can see what it’s like.

I will also be carrying a selection of stones and jewelry at my booth, located right next to the Winona Radio Group booth in the back where all the announcements are going on.

Sat 10-5, Sunday 11-4.

Last year was lots more that just home builder stuff, including some food booths that were tortuing us all day!

Lots of free goodies too.


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I absolutely believe that if you are either not ready or comfortable to get a reading after scheduling one, then we just don’t.  Also it’s understood that just because I know me, you have no idea who I am.  Do it my self on occassion when I have anxiety.   Used to do it lots more.  Sometimes it’s just the way you have to do it.

Getting a reading is something you do when you are having stress in your life, so worrying about the reading shouldn’t be adding to the stress!!  I’m sending you good thoughts, love, light, and random acts of chocolate into your life no matter what.

Even if we have a reading scheduled I’m working on other things with my business that need to be done, or crocheting, reading, etc…  That’s one reason I leave it up to you to call.  It gives you the decision.  I have plenty to do if you don’t call, and just keep on going hoping you are ok, but I would never call and invade your life.  If you don’t reach out to me and still are having stress and issues I hope you reach out to someone and if we meet again it’s in better times.

SO; please never feel like I would be feeling any ill will if you cancel or don’t call after making an appointment.  This part of me that works with other people is very unique in my life and I get much more out of it when I do talk to you, but it’s just not in my nature to harbor anything but good will and best wishes to anyone for anything, just ask my ex(es), lol.

If you hurt one of my kids we will have a different talk I guarantee it, other than that we are good.


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Had lots of time to think lately.  Usually not a good thing for me, I like to be busy at least mentally.   But with the cold and the weather it’s just a blah kind of month.

I realized today how off it’s been really.  Having the flu is bad enough, but the before and after parts are all bad too; the prelude when you don’t know it’s coming on, you just feel funny; days like today where you think it’s good but it hits again.  These are my ‘blind’ days.  Seems all of January has been mostly blind.

I don’t talk much usually.  People have commented about my being quiet, stuck-up or even ‘intimidating’, lol.  It’s just that I don’t have to talk.  Like the 5 year old kid who never spoke a word until one day he said ‘my oatmeal is cold’; his parents were amazed; he said ‘well, everything has been fine up until now’.

Things just come to me when talking to people, so there is less to say.  Until weeks like this.

Then the babbling starts.  Cause I have no idea what people are thinking or feeling, and I’m shooting in the dark; and I sound like a freaking idiot.

Talking to everyone that normally would be a short conversation ends up with me stepping out of my body yelling at myself to SHUT UP!!! but I can’t!  Every emotion is asking what, when, how, why…. all at the same time.

Maybe I do sound like someone that has suddenly just lost a sense.  Glad to know it’s short term though, for now anyway.

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